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HDDWhat is an SSD disk ?
First, remember what is a typical hard drive says HDD (Hard Disk Drive): Invented in 1956, it still uses the same principle with some évolutions. It consists of plates covered with a magnetic coating on which heads read or write binary values ​​by changing the value of magnetism.

SSD DISK (Solid State Drive) is composed of electronic memory on the principle that used in USB sticks, but much performante.The result is a disk (which has more disk name) more rapid (2 to 8 times depending on model) and more resistant to shocks.

SSDWhat are the advantages of SSD?
The fact of not having mechanical moving parts, your computer much less afraid of undergoing small shocks, especially in operation, and it applies perfectly to portables.Sa computer technology enables a much higher rate than for a conventional disk, your computer becomes much rapide.Sa power consumption less than a conventional disk allows you to increase the autonomy of your batterie.Son weight, lighter than conventional disk, reduces your entire computer.

How to switch between traditional HDD to SSD?
Micropro offers solid state drives of different capacities ranging from 250 GB to 2 To. We can, in addition, offer to transfer your data from your old drive to the new, the content will be the same copy than the old.
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