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Cabling and network installation

weblinksAttached to its principles best computer support, Micropro promotes professionalism of its services and offers network installation service with quality cabling that meets your needs, consistent with international standards wiring and transparent to your users and yourself .

Our team can meet your needs effectively. We offer planning and configuration of your equipment while you benefit from our advice to make the most of your infrastructure.

We will accompany you in the selection of the most appropriate technology for your needs (cable, wireless, optical fiber).
Once installation is complete we proceed with you to tests ensuring its effectiveness.


Likewise we offer to audit your network to determine performance.
Indeed, you may have to see delays on your network and the Internet. It is therefore important to ensure the good health of your wiring. The cables can have deteriorated, catches have bad contacts and some equipment does not meet the needs.
The architecture can also be reviewed. Party a modest network of some positions your organization has grown, devices were added and ultimately your network operates with degraded performance.

Also we build you a report that will inform you of the weak points (bottlenecks, waterfalls ...) and provide you with tips to optimize your network at lower cost.

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