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RDXToday, the threats to computer data companies are manifold. There is first of all the risks associated with the hardware on which data is stored: water damage, fires and more repeatedly, burglary or theft. Indeed many clients are nomads, and for them, the theft or loss of the single computer, are quite frequent. Leave a computer in a car or to drop it, are things that ultimately come often enough. Then come the risks directly related to the data. Indeed, who has never made a handling error such as deleting a file or not to save the latest version of a document? Who has never been the victim of a computer virus?

Today the main asset of a company is its computer data. From the moment a company of any size needing understood that the core of its business and its future lies in its computer data, she knows that protecting is paramount.

So why are so reluctant to implement a backup solution?

A good backup policy in a society is nothing less than insurance for the continuity of its business.
It is therefore important to put in place procedures often called PRA or PCA (Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity). Small and micro businesses perceive PRA or PCA terms as a luxury they can not afford, considering themselves as small businesses depend more craft solutions, such as physical media. Go beyond the image of TPE-SME manager who, after twelve hours of work, the external hard drive industry, is a copy of its data and takes it home!

VMSP certification badge 2021 standardMicroPro offers purely software backup solutions with ARCSERVE products for physical devices and virtual environments. And VEEAM products for virtual environments VMWARE and HYPER-V, with very short recovery times.

All of these systems allow automated backups with outsourcing to RDX disk or to external sites.

So do not hesitate to contact us so we can get a study to determine the solution that is best suited to you.

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