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  • We can advise you and offer you all the IT products you need.

  • mat2- Computers : simple laptop to next generation data center with HP brands, Dell, IBM.

    - Devices : flat screens all sizes, laser printers or inkjet printers, or black colors, the modem-routers, NAS, switches, external hard drives ...

    - Parts : you need to replace a processor, a memory card, internal hard drive, a network card or other item from one of your device, we will do it for you.

    - Software : like O / S, Antivirus, Backup, Virtualization, Microsoft Office suite etc ...

    - Consumables : such as toner, ink cartridges, tape backup media or RDX.

    - On-site installation : and configuration of your hardware as needed.

  • - Upgrades, replacing the hard drive of your PC with a SSD. And we can offer you to make you the transfer from one disc to another.

Whatever your IT needs, we study with you the best solutions in the form of a personalized quote.

Follow the presentation of the new integrated data center DELL PowerEdge VRTX.

MICROPRO is DELL PartnerDirect Registered

Dell PartnerDirect Registered

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