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maintenance informatique

Micropro offers a repair service and computer maintenance, under the supervision of professionals.
We remain at your disposal day after day so that our service is as professional as possible. Our interest is to establish a relationship of confidence and satisfaction with our clients.

Micropro bring you an adequate solution to all the problems you might encounter. Our technicians will diagnose and proceed to repair your hardware.
Micropro gives you the choice between filing your computer in our workshops or the intervention of a technician on site for problem solving in the shortest possible time. You can also choose to receive a Maintenance Contract for all your equipment. Our technicians will then intervene in the shortest time for the maintenance and troubleshooting of your fleet. And if a problem were to persist, an alternative will be offered.

Your network causing you problems, you are not satisfied, do not meet your needs. Micropro offers its Network Audit service which will analyze all your hardware devices and software to derive a report that will provide you the best tips to improve your network and draw the best performance.

 You can also opt for a Management Assistance Network to receive assistance at any time easily. All of our technicians and engineers while ensuring the proper functioning of your network and equipment. You benefit from a complete Information System Management and a Total Technical Assistance. Our tips help you to optimize your installations and many predict their future.

Whether you are in need for a small device such as laptop, desktop PC, screen, keyboard, mouse, SSD disk and other accessories, or you have the business needs maintenance, maintenance, repair for servers, storage systems , virtual environments and other equipment, we will need to give you satisfaction.

We work on devices of any brand: HP, DELL, LENOVO, TOSHIBA, EPSON ... and all the others.

If your problem is your operating system, your backup system, antivirus, we can help you.

Your PC becomes unresponsive, move us, we will build you a diagnosis and suggest the remedy.

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Tel :  + 225 27 21 59 53 25

+225 07 89 64 64 64
18 BP 580
Abidjan 18

Côte d'Ivoire



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