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sauvegardeWhat role do backups have in data security?

A company suffering from an IT disaster can find itself in great difficulty to restart its activity. The consequences can be disastrous and cause irreparable harm.

There are several types of claims:

- minor, localized claims such as hard drive failures, mishandling and viral attacks.

- major disasters such as water damage, fires and other events that could impact all of the company's IT infrastructure.


In order to limit the consequences of all these possible claims, a security plan is essential. Its role is to guarantee the security of the company's data by protecting it as well as possible during its exploitation with the installation of systems against viral attacks and the redundancy of the disk media against the failures of a medium.

But when the damage caused by a minor or major disaster makes the data in operation in partial or total unusable, it is necessary to be able to return to a previous state. For this it is necessary to have a copy of all the data of the company in a healthy state. It is therefore necessary to make this copy regularly and methodically to find all the data or simply a single file to resume the activity of the company with the minimum delay compared to the last situation before incident.


This copy of the data is called the backup, which freezes the data over time. It is important to have an incremental backup which allows you to have files in the different successive states over a given period. This allows you to find a healthy file among its different versions, because it can take several days to realize that it has been corrupted.

There are three types of backups: local backup, online backup (Cloud Storage) and hybrid backup.

A backup solution that does not externalize data only covers minor claims. Major claims put your business at risk. In this case, companies require a complete solution including the outsourcing of data to a destination where they are confined, kept confidential and secure.

It is precisely to cover these needs that Micropro offers services guaranteeing the security of backups. These offers are adapted according to the data volumes.

Cloud Storage offers users immediate secure access to backed up data thanks to an Internet console available anywhere and anytime.

In the interest of your business, do not hesitate to contact Micropro to benefit from the solutions best suited to your needs for your backups and thus reassure yourself as to the sustainability of your activity.

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